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ICAO Twelfth Air Navigation Conference
lunedì 19 novembre 2012 - venerdì, 30 novembre 2012
ICAO Headquarters
Montéal, Canada
The International Civil Aviation Organization will be holding the 12th Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12) in Montréal, from 19 to 30 November 2012 with participation of its Member States and invited international organizations. The AN-Conf/12 will address the latest version of the Global Air Navigation Plan. This plan draws heavily on the aviation system block upgrades that were introduced to the international community at the Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium (GANIS). The block upgrades comprise various operational improvements aimed at harmonising and improving the efficiency of the Global Air Navigation System. To aid in the harmonisation the block upgrades are supported by a roadmaps for communications, navigation and surveillance as well information management and avionics. The purpose of the AN-Conf/12 is to gain consensus, obtain commitments and formulate recommendations to achieve a harmonized global air navigation system for international civil aviation and optimizing the opportunities in technology and maturing work programmes toward common global objectives. The Conference will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to coalesce around these major themes, set priorities and refine the way forward based on lessons learned. Special consideration will be given to utilization of existing capacity of enabling systems and planning for their expansion taking into consideration user requirements. The Conference's vision: to achieve an integrated global ATM system in a progressive, cost-effective and cooperative manner. As the air navigation system gains maturity, ICAO continues to address the challenge of the integration, interoperability and harmonization of the systems leading to the concept of "One Sky" for international civil aviation. This Conference will define the planning horizon for the next ten years. As the future aviation system is expected to be planned from "airport to airport" the AN-Conf/12 will include throughput targets for Security and performance targets for the Environment