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AIPH - Associazione Italiana di Public History
3rd AIPH National Conference
Invito alla Storia
mercoledì 26 giugno 2019, ore 9:30
Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
viale Ellittico, 31 (Complesso Ex Poste)
81100 Caserta

Room 3, first floor
09:30 - 11:00 Panel AIPH26
Aurora SAVELLI and Manfredi MERLUZZI, The Public Hisotry Laboratories: from universities to territories and heritage
Sabina PAVONE, Public History Laboratory at the University of Macerata: an opportunity for Cultural Heritage
Paolo MATTERA, Public History Workshop at the University Roma Tre. Comprehending and interpreting Contemporary History: visual sources and new methods
Cecilia DAU NOVELLI and Roberto IBBA, The Public History workshop at University of Cagliari: the teaching for the territory
Salvatore COLAZZO, Deborah DE BLASI and Giuliana IURLANO, From territories to university and back. The Unisalento PH Laboratory and the community library

Room “Appia”, first floor
09:30 - 11:00 Panel AIPH27
Ciro ROMANO, Community, Holiness and culture: tradition, devotion, valorisation
Ciro ROMANO, Community and holiness. The appoint and the role of local communities in the processes of beatification and canonization
Daniele FERRAIUOLO, The spatial organization of inscribed memory in places of worship in the Middle Ages: proposals for reconstruction
Angela QUATTROCCHI, Libraries and sanctuaries. Art and Architecture in places of study and devotion
Antonella AMBROSIO and Antonello MIGLIOZZI, The sanctuaries in the Filangieri Archive on the European Topotheque platform

Room C, first floor
09:30 - 11:00 Panel AIPH28
Livio KARRER, Italian archives: a huge collective heritage and four ways to promote it
Livio KARRER, M9 Museum
Matteo D’AMBROSIO, Il Polo del ‘900
Andrea MONTORIO, Archivissima
Matteo MILANESCHI, Archivio Magazine

Room 4, first floor
09:30 - 11:00 Panel AIPH29
Enrica SALVATORI, Medievalists as Public Historians
Riccardo FACCHINI, Middle Age, Medievalist and media: tips for a methodological approach
Marco PAPERINI, Public historian: opportunity and critical issues for a profession between institutions and communities
Marco VALENTI, Re-enactment and Time Travel: some problem, methods and opportunity
Franco CARDINI, Public History as a civic issue of historians

Room D, first floor
09:30 - 11:00 Panel AIPH30
Vittoria FIORELLI, Paper mines. Archives from the recostruction of history to the lacing stories
Gabriele DE MARTINO DI MONTEGIORDANO, RECTO con VERSO: digitizing the Bacone lab
Francesca DE RUVO, The language of satire. Telling the story with its deformation
Leopoldo REPOLA, A “code” for story
Sergio RIOLO, IlCartastorie – Museum of the Banco di Napoli Historical Archive

Room D, first floor
11:30 Panel AIPH31
Silvia PAOLI, Photography and project in Public History: experiences, practices, exhibitions, institutions and urban scenes
Carolina LUSSANA and Jessica BRIGO, Company photo archives and public history: the “face to face” project
Monica DI BARBORA, “68 Un grande numero”: the virtuosos circle of public history
Matteo Luigi BALDUZZI, “Public Photography”: the MUFOCO experience

Room 3, first floor
11:30 Panel AIPH32
Fiammetta SABBA, History of communities: libraries and local memories in a public history perspective
Pietro ESPOSITO, Milan and urban history: discovering suburbs with the Local History Service in Milan Library System
Cristina PERINI, Santa Marinella shows off in the Library
Madel CRASTA, Faenza Library as a mirror of society through a survey

Room “Appia”, first floor
11:30 Panel AIPH33
Daniele SANTARELLI, History on Stage
Alberto BORGATTA, 23 marzo 1919, an experiment of historical narrative at theatre
Valeria COCOZZA, The processes of redemption in the Kingdom of Napels between stories and representations. Some case studies in the living history
Ahmed DAOUD, “Amm’ pusat’ chitarr’ e tambur”. Brigands and popular music in Italy
Valeria PALUMBO, Monument Women. When womens saved beauty

Room C, first floor
11:30 Panel AIPH34
Francesca Maria D’AGNELLI, BeWeb: the integrated portal on religious cultural property for historical telling
Francesca Maria D’AGNELLI, Ecclesiastical property and Public History
Maria Teresa RIZZO, Beweb: narrating a different history
Roberto CANU, Open door churches: ecclesiastic heritage opening and computer based narrative of Ecclesiastical property
Silvia GALLARATO, Roero Coast to Coast. Arts, landscape and community: reporting territories

Room D, first floor
11:30 Panel AIPH35
Charlotte MOGE and Marcello RAVVEDUTO, The imagery of the mafia, the memory of the victims: an Italian Public History
Charlotte MOGE, Mafia’s victims and public imagery: cases of judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino
Tiziana APICELLA, #NONINVANO Project a Public History case
Noemi CAPUTO, Legality on stage
Lorena RAO, History and stereotypes in video games on the Italian American mafia: the case of Mafia II

Room 2, ground floor
12:00 - 14:00 Round Table 3 – Teaching Public History
Salvatore COLAZZO
Tommaso CALIÒ
Maria Giuliana IURLANO DONNO

Second floor
14:30 - 16:30 Poster Session

Computer Room, first floor
14:30 - 16:30 Speednetworking