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Antonio Mondini
Fotografia di Antonio Mondini Judge Antonio Mondini, Tribunale di Lucca, after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Pisa, Faculty of Law, in 1997, Judge Mondini won the competitive public examination for the appointment as judge. He started his career as a civil judge in the Tribunale di Nuoro and, since 2001, has been serving in the Tribunale di Lucca. His vast experience in civil and civil procedure law includes the areas of contracts, torts, and company and family matters. He is a member of the special section of the Tribunale di Lucca for bankruptcy procedures. He is a member of the Superior School of the Judiciary and since 2009 has been in charge of the continual training of the magistrates of the Court of Appeal of Florence. He teaches Civil Procedure Law at the post-graduate School for Legal Professions within the University of Pisa and has taught several courses on civil and civil procedure law for lawyers and university students. He has written books and numerous articles on civil law, civil procedure law, and tax law, published in the most important Italian juridical journals.