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Presentazione di libri – Puntata n. 646

The Wooden Crucifix of Saint Peter's Basilica

Presentazione di libri n. 646

mercoledì 29 maggio 2019, ore 16:00  |  Sala conferenze
Musei Vaticani

Durata 07:11

The restoration of the oldest Crucifix in St. Peter's Basilica was presented in the Conference Room of the Vatican Museums, in front of more than 200 people. The work is recounted in the book “Il Crocifisso ligneo della Basilica Vaticana” – “The Wooden Crucifix of Saint Peter's Basilica”. The restoration works carried out for the Jubilee of Mercy lasted more than a year and a half and were made possible thanks to the decisive intervention of the Order of the Knights of Columbus, to whom the Fabbrica di San Pietro entrusted the care of a symbol of global Christianity significance.